A Registered Dietitian May be the Support You've Been Searching For

Do you want to eat healthier but are overwhelmed with the conflicting information on the internet? Tired of fad dieting? Read on to see how a Registered Dietitian can create a customized plan to help you make sense of it all.

Have you ever found yourself having one or more of the following thoughts?

My energy levels are at an all-time low, and I have trouble getting through the day.

With my new diagnosis of ____________ [pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), hypertension (high blood pressure) or fatty liver disease], I am feeling overwhelmed by all of the information available online, and am unsure of what the best next steps are for me.

I have fallen into a rut – I am feeling unsatisfied and bored with what I have been eating and don’t know how to make my meals and snacks healthy because I am so tight for time.

I feel like I can’t eat anything without experiencing discomfort in the form of bloating, cramping, constipation or diarrhea.

I am afraid to eat __________ [any food], but I am unsure if there is any real, evidence-informed reason for me to be afraid.

I have been unsuccessful at meeting my goals, and don’t know how to go about meeting them, because there is too much conflicting nutrition information out there.

As a Registered Dietitian (RD), these are some of the most common challenges that I find folks stumbling upon. The reality is that we are human. Sometimes, we are going to feel overwhelmed when we read a bunch of information that couldn’t possibly be any more conflicting. Sometimes, we are going to feel that we can’t find our way out of a rut when we have become busy, overworked, or focused on something else that has taken priority and time in our lives. Sometimes, we are going to feel uncertain and possibly even fearful about our food choices, as we live in a society where widespread misinformation and fear mongering are tactics often used to increase sales of a certain food product or supplement. Here is where we come in: I believe that dietitians are the support that many folks didn’t know they needed. Food is everywhere, and we all eat it many times every day. For this reason, one of the biggest challenges that I face in my career is accepting and appreciating that everyone has an opinion on food. As I carry this reality in mind and at heart, I believe that one of my roles as a licensed healthcare provider is to demonstrate that nutrition is not an opinion: it is a science.

How do I show this to my clients?

I support them to make choices that will bring them results, whatever that might look like for them: a significant improvement in my IBS symptoms; the ability to engage in higher intensity sports training; a more restful sleep at night; a reduction in my LDL cholesterol (and an improvement in my heart health); a practical increase in my intake of fruits and vegetables; behaviours that reflect more self care and self compassion. I am trained in motivational interviewing and the models of behaviour change, to not only help you to identify your needs and make healthy changes, but to form sustainable habits out of those changes.

I use visuals to explain to my clients the pathophysiology of their health condition, or what actually goes on in the body. I believe that if we understand the “why” of what is going on in our bodies (in other words, the “why” of what has been causing our symptoms, blood readings, or changes in energy levels) we are more likely to implement the “how” we are going to make impactful changes to improve our health.

I guide my clients to overcome the fears around foods that our culture (fixated on dieting) has instilled in us, and to rather, trust in our bodies by putting to use the innate wisdom and intuition that we were born with and have every right to benefit from. I am passionate about practicing in alignment with the Health at Every Size (HAES) paradigm, and wholeheartedly believe in the benefits of becoming an intuitive eater.

Are you ready to book your initial consultation with a Registered Dietitian? I can’t wait to meet you, to learn about you, and to support you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself. Give us a call or visit our website today to book.


Harley [she/her] is a Registered Dietitian whose passion areas include chronic disease management and intuitive eating. She has experience in diabetes management and is currently working to become a Certified Diabetes Educator. She aligns her practice with the Health at Every Size (HAES) paradigm, taking pride in her ability to offer a compassionate and inclusive space for her patients to be heard. It would be Harley’s pleasure to support you in optimizing your nutrition by making choices that are nourishing, sustainable, within reach, and sensitive to your truest needs!