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Dietitian & Nutrition Services

Creating custom programs to help each client eat better and be well

Not sure where to begin with your diet?

Nutrition information can be exciting, but overwhelming and difficult to navigate. We all have different goals when it comes to nutrition. If you are feeling discouraged from a number of attempts at weight loss, you’d like to learn how to fuel your body for intense physical activity or sports, you have a chronic disease or condition for which you require a therapeutic diet, or you’re simply feeling stuck with your current food choices, our Registered Dietitians can support you to optimize your health through nutrition.

Registered Dietitians (RDs) are regulated health professionals who have completed a Bachelor’s degree in human nutrition, an accredited practicum program, and a national licensing exam. They are held accountable to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics by provincial licensing bodies in Canada. They used evidence as the foundation for their practice, and work to translate the research into practical recommendations that are based on their thorough individual nutrition assessments. For these reasons, RDs are your trusted source for nutrition information. Dietitians are trained and equipped to support you in a number of areas, including:

  • Food allergies/intolerances
  • Plant-based eating
  • Eating disorders and disordered eating
  • Therapeutic diets (such as gluten free to treat Celiac Disease)
  • Chronic disease (such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure)
  • Healthy and sustainable weight loss
  • IBS and IBD
  • Fuelling for & recovering from exercise

Our Registered Dietitians will help you to see and feel your health change for the better over the long term.

What to Expect with Nutritional Coaching

You can choose a service that best fits your needs. An initial nutrition assessment will include an evaluation of your medical history, nutrition-relevant bloodwork, comprehensive diet recall, health and lifestyle behaviours, and goals to improve your health. From there, our RDs will make recommendations tailored specifically to you. After you’ve had some time to think about and implement your healthy changes, you can book follow-up appointments, during which your Dietitian will evaluate your progress, new bloodwork, and other indicators of health to modify your goals as needed. Our RDs also offer service packages, in which you can book you initial nutrition assessment + your follow up appointments at a discounted price. Want to sit down for a family meal planning session with one of our RDs? We offer this as well – you can book with one of our dietitians to learn about ways to make your family meals more healthful, as well as to discuss meal ideas that will keep your family satisfied and nourished!


A holistic approach to nutritional coaching

Fun fact: Registered Dietitians are trained in motivational interviewing to help you to establish health-promoting goals that are specific, measurable, time-framed, and within-reach to you no matter where you’re at. When someone is experiencing body dissatisfaction, there is often more going on than simply a desire to change their body. Our dietitians will offer you a compassionate space, guiding you to uncover what this might be, and helping you to get to the root cause of your health concerns. They can refer you to other practitioners within the Dimension Health & Wellness team. 

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