Chiropractic Services

Holistic spinal and joint care done exceptionally well

Are you limited by pain or range of movement?

Stiffness, sharp pain, extremities “going to sleep” — these symptoms are irritable at best, debilitating at worst. Chiropractic care, in the sense of today’s treatments, can often help alleviate these and other symptoms, but Dimension Health & Wellness offers true holistic chiropractic care.

Benefits to Holistic Chiropractic Care

  • Alleviation of joint and spinal pain
  • Treatment of TMJ and jaw pain
  • Improved nervous function
  • Improved blood flow
  • Correction of misaligned bones and joints
  • Improved body function, energy, and vitality

A holistic approach to chiropractic services

Perhaps the biggest benefit to care from our certified chiropractic team is their focus on treating the entire body, not simply what seems to be causing issues in the moment. And it’s not strictly the treatment, we take time to talk with each client to discover what parts of their life may be causing the symptoms they’re dealing with. Sometimes other areas of life — diet, exercise, social or mental — can all play a role in the acute pain you’re feeling.

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