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Your Quality of Life is Our Mission

Holistic health care in Chilliwack for healing and restoration

Serving Chilliwack with Quality Holistic Health Care

We are focused. That’s not what separates Dimension Health & Wellness from other health care options. What separates us is what we’re focused on: The whole of your being. We are driven to see our community thrive with its residents and visitors living their best quality of life. And we know there’s a lot that gets in the way. And while many solutions might exist for joint pain, weight gain, or constant headaches, we’re not interested in only alleviating your symptoms - we are here to help on a deeper level.

We’re here to work alongside you on your wellness journey to help you get to where you want to go. To do this, we’re committed to helping you uncover the root issues you’re experiencing and deal with them through therapies and treatments to help you meet your wellness goals.

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The Six Dimensions of Wellness

We believe that to treat the whole of the 21st-century individual, we must work to achieve a healthy state of being in each of these six dimensions, as outlined by the National Wellness Institute. We work to help find any ailments or distresses — physically of course, but also emotionally, socially, intellectually, spiritually, and occupationally — and to treat them at their root causes. We collaborate with you on developing a plan for treatment, setting wellness goals, and developing healthy habits and behaviors. All of this with the goal of getting you to live your life with all the energy and joy you are capable of.

Benefits of Integrative Holistic Care

Working with each of our clients with a focus on holistic care carries a number of benefits for you:

  • Focus on healing, not symptom alleviation
  • Personalized health plans tailored to your needs as well as your goals
  • Attention to your mind, emotions, and spirit, as well as your physical being
  • Education on nutrition, postures, energy and stress management
  • Genuine listening and observing to determine your ailment as well as the best solution

There are a number of great holistic health care providers in the area; but we are proud to serve Chilliwack residents and would be delighted to have you in our wellness family.