Massage Therapy

Reinvigorating your wellbeing through holistic massage therapy focused on restoring you from the inside out

Weighed down by pain and stress?

Do you feel hobbled by pain and stress throughout your body? Many people don’t think about massage therapy unless there is overwhelming muscular pain but a number of underlying causes could be contributing to your inhibited physical state. Often these might show up in other physical symptoms ranging from headaches to constipation, while others might be mental, such as anxiety and irritableness.

And that’s where Dimension Health & Wellness comes in.

Come in with full confidence of your privacy and safety. You’ll always be alone when changing and remain covered throughout your session.  Your massage therapist will have a conversation with you prior to your session to understand what you're feeling. You are in complete control of the session. You’re able to ask questions or request that the therapist change the amount of pressure or stop entirely. After each session, your therapist will follow up with you to set expectations about how you’ll feel after your treatments, give you self-care strategies, and create a plan on what to work on next.

What to expect from massage therapy

  • All sessions in a private and safe environment
  • 30, 45, and 90 minute sessions available
  • A calming environment designed to help release tension
  • A registered massage therapist will work to with you to identify points of aches and discomfort
  • A padded massage table with a face cradle
  • Follow-up with your therapist to ensure a plan is in place to help you get to your wellness goals
  • Integrative care with other holistic wellness initiatives
  • Direct billing to most insurers
  • ICBC claims

A holistic approach to massage therapy

Dimension Health & Wellness offers massage therapies designed to help relieve pain and tension in tandem with other care to work on the whole of your being. We offer care by Registered Massage Therapists and massage students enrolled in accredited massage therapy schools who are dedicated to using sessions to improve your wellness through stress management and pain relief.


Benefits of massage therapy sessions

  • Help locating the source of pain and tension in your body
  • Improved blood flow and a reduction in blood pressure
  • Better sleep and improved mood
  • Reduction in muscular tension, as well as anxiety
  • Relief of physical pain, both chronic and acute